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More evidence against XML namespaces

Namespaces can get near on impossible to process sanely. http://blog.technologyofcontent.com/2010/01/json-vs-xml/ see the “Against XML namespaces” section

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Twitter is over capacity.

I see this way too often. Is it that hard to manage 140 character data fields?

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Fighting the metadata battle

Lots of people in the circles in which I travel talk about how great the web could be with more metadata, tags, structure, and links. How so many more mashups and cool apps could be built if people took a … Continue reading

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Namespaces ruin XML

I was reading up on FOAF today, and checking out an introduction at XML.com. On first blush, my gut feeling looking at the examples was that the FOAF dialect was messy and cumbersome. However, being the XML geek that I … Continue reading

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MS word and hyperlinks

When I click on a link in a Word doc, why does it take about 15 seconds for Word to pass the request on to my Web browser? What are the Microsoft gremlins doing with my system during that time?!?!?

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