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MS word and hyperlinks

When I click on a link in a Word doc, why does it take about 15 seconds for Word to pass the request on to my Web browser? What are the Microsoft gremlins doing with my system during that time?!?!?

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Eagle 1: who needs interoperability when you have Microsoft?

I was beginning to think Microsoft was really changing its stripes when it came to interoperability and playing nice with the rest of the IT landscape. Maybe Microsoft Research didn’t get the memo? As Adena reports in the All Points … Continue reading

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Mashups 3.0 – Moving Beyond Maps

I came across this story today, “Yahoo Opens Address Book Interface.” A quote: Yahoo is opening the interface for its address book for outside use…For example, a programmer starting up a social networking site could use the interface to send … Continue reading

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Are Pigs Flying? Microsoft’s Big Interoperability News

Needless to say, I was shocked and amazed when I saw this statement on Microsoft’s new Interoperability Principles this weekend. To summarize, they are committing to make open and public the protocols and APIs for their major products, including Vista, … Continue reading

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It’s too hard to find and share the coolness of Live Maps

Investigating the location of the WUMB transmitter, Doc Searls notes that while the Live Maps birdseye view is awesome, it’s way too hard to find and share. John Udell picks up the thread and suggests a workaround, but that’s not … Continue reading

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