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What’s up with Google’s data licensing policies?

Wow. Mikel is mad as hell and he isn’t going to take it anymore, saying, “We Need to Stop Google’s Exploitation of Open Communities“. An important perspective from someone who has been at ground zero of open (geo)data efforts for … Continue reading

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Fighting the metadata battle

Lots of people in the circles in which I travel talk about how great the web could be with more metadata, tags, structure, and links. How so many more mashups and cool apps could be built if people took a … Continue reading

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Picasa Web Albums uses GeoRSS GML

Who says Google doesn’t care about standards? When playing around with the RSS feed from Picasa Web Albums, I was pleasantly surprised to see full-blown GeoRSS GML for the geo-located items. In fact, they are recording both an Envelope and … Continue reading

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Sketchup 7.1 supports KMZ!

Love to see companies embrace better data sharing: One of the things we’re pretty concerned about around here is something called data liberation. Too often, your stuff’s locked inside proprietary file formats that force you to use whatever tool you … Continue reading

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The Sum of my Nonsecrets is not that interesting

There’s a big societal worry, in general, about the safety and privacy of personal information in the Internet age. In some cases, like banking and medical records, that worry is well-founded. But for the most part, people should just act … Continue reading

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