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Creating an open web of points of interest

Location data is everywhere. From huge government databases of geographic features to your pictures in Facebook, it seems like almost every piece of information around nowadays is tagged with its location. However, it still seems that no one is effectively … Continue reading

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If this is the year of the POI, next year is shaping up to be all about geospatial REST APIs. ESRI has ignited the debate by submitting their REST API to OGC for international standardization. This will move the back … Continue reading

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Atom is Fully-Baked

Joe Gregorio notes in The end of the AtomPub WG that the Atom Publishing Format and Protocol WG (atompub) in the Application Area has concluded. Developers can go into full programming mode knowing that the encodings and interfaces aren’t changing … Continue reading

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REST and GIS – references

In an email Sean Gillies called me out on the lack of good citations in my earlier post. I pleaded lack of sleep (notice how the number of URLs tails off quickly after the first 2 paragraphs!), but I’ll try … Continue reading

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REST has been a hot topic this year in the geo world. There’s a discussion group, a geographic data server, many blog posts, and email discussions. I’ve been mulling over what this means to OGC over the last couple months, … Continue reading

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