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WhereCamp 2012

WhereCamp is the premier free geoconference and it’s happening right before the venerable Where Conference (nee Where 2.0). Register now!

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Creating an open web of points of interest

Location data is everywhere. From huge government databases of geographic features to your pictures in Facebook, it seems like almost every piece of information around nowadays is tagged with its location. However, it still seems that no one is effectively … Continue reading

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The “Internet of Places”

The “Internet of Places” is a nice article putting forth an ecosystem of information and services to bring the geospatial world better in line with the Web. Or one could even say it suggests an information ecosystem where geospatial data … Continue reading

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Middle East empires over time

I’m a little embarrassed that I’m just getting around to reading this old Mapping Hacks post from last June, but I thought the growth and decay of empires over time map was very interesting. Rich’s link is dead now, but … Continue reading

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Geospatial solutions Wiki is doomed

I just heard about this new wiki and had to check it out. The first thing that struck me was the number of ads — 3 on every page: one big house ad* below every entry; a vendor ad along … Continue reading

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