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The “Internet of Places”

The “Internet of Places” is a nice article putting forth an ecosystem of information and services to bring the geospatial world better in line with the Web. Or one could even say it suggests an information ecosystem where geospatial data … Continue reading

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Picasa Web Albums uses GeoRSS GML

Who says Google doesn’t care about standards? When playing around with the RSS feed from Picasa Web Albums, I was pleasantly surprised to see full-blown GeoRSS GML for the geo-located items. In fact, they are recording both an Envelope and … Continue reading

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SimpleWFS: first release!

At FOSS4G 2009 I finally went to a code sprint, partly as a form of meditation, and partly to see if I had any developer chops left. Well the jury is still out on that, but it was relaxing, and … Continue reading

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Google Maps Data API announced at Where 2.0

Google announced a data API for Maps this morning in San Jose. This is basically a CRUD service for storing geodata in “the cloud” that leverages Atom in lots of ways. That didn’t sound very world-shaking to me at first … Continue reading

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2 test GeoRSS services, cities data and coordinate projection

After the untimely demise last year of my sandbox server at MIT, I haven’t been good at advertising (or even doing) technology experiments. I’m finally getting my act together now, and have a few interesting things out on the Interwebs: … Continue reading

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