US Cities GeoRSS feed documentation

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Request ::



q queries for this word in the city name (not case-sensitive)
maxfeatures maximum # of entries to return (default is 10)
bbox coordinates that bound the area of interest (in the CRS specified below)

coordinates are ordered: left,lower,right,upper.

format GeoAtom (default) or bxfs

EPSG coordinate reference system code in which the cities should be reported (default is EPSG:4326).

NAD83 / Massachusetts Mainland: 26986
NAD83 / Kentucky North: 26979
NAD83 / Kentucky South: 26980
NAD27 / Kentucky North: 26779
NAD27 / Kentucky South: 26780

Response ::

A GeoAtom feed in GeoRSS-GML format of US Cities meeting the parameters specified.

Examples ::

up to 3 cities within a specified bounding box:,40.7,-74.5,40.9

up to 100 cities whose name contains Springfield (case-insensitive):

the same query in BXFS format:

last modified 2009-03-03