Place Names / POI Interest Group Launches

Over the past few years, a strong community of interest has evolved around information technologies for developing databases of place names and points of interest, and also the search interfaces and gazetteers that provide the query tools for these databases.

You’re invited to join an ad hoc, international group of people interested in implementing these systems, which I’ll just call POIs for short. I’ve been involved in the World Wide Web POI Working Group, which approached the topic from an information modeling standpoint, and the American Association of Geographers workshop, where practitioners shared their experiences.

Many of us now feel the time is right to keep the momentum going, and have a slightly more formal channel for occasional communication. Some of us are implementing the W3C’s draft spec, and are looking to partner in my effort to create a unified, global linked database of all POI information with the OpenPOIs Repository. And some are just looking for data modeling commiseration. No matter what your take on the POI world is, please join us.

We’re starting with informal, monthly “brown bag” teleconferences at 3pm UTC / 11am US Eastern on the first Thursday of each month with the first gathering this Thursday, May 3rd. If you’re interested, please subscribe to the mailing list. All details about meeting times and phone numbers will be announced there.

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I'm on the staff of the Open Geospatial Consortium and still spend time hanging around the MIT Dept. of Urban Studies & Planning, where I did my graduate work. However, whatever you find here is solely my own opinion.
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