If this is the year of the POI, next year is shaping up to be all about geospatial REST APIs. ESRI has ignited the debate by submitting their REST API to OGC for international standardization. This will move the back room discussions out into the light, and really push the community to make progress. The first critical voices are starting to emerge. Spatial REST API is a well-reasoned post. However, I’m not sure how good looking the URI is should be a major factor. How good can a URI look when it’s filled with geometries and complex queries?

Can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

Note to self – write that post about why this is the year of the POI…

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I'm on the staff of the Open Geospatial Consortium and still spend time hanging around the MIT Dept. of Urban Studies & Planning, where I did my graduate work. However, whatever you find here is solely my own opinion.
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    Hi Raj,

    I’d be love to see your thoughts on POI and copy or link it from the w3c POI blog at


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