Picasa Web Albums uses GeoRSS GML

Who says Google doesn’t care about standards? When playing around with the RSS feed from Picasa Web Albums, I was pleasantly surprised to see full-blown GeoRSS GML for the geo-located items. In fact, they are recording both an Envelope and a Point for the photo. I don’t know where the Envelope comes from, because the UI only allows you to specify a point, but oh well.

<gml:lowerCorner>42.4857087 -71.2902409</gml:lowerCorner>
<gml:upperCorner>42.4984298 -71.265822</gml:upperCorner>
<gml:pos>42.4920693 -71.2780315</gml:pos>

Now I’d just like to know why they are using RSS 2.0 with little bits of Atom sprinkled here and there…

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  1. Michael A says:

    Good catch. I suspect the envelope is supposed to be the bbox for the collection. I’ll mention it to them.

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